New Art Pieces {Designer Studio for Portrait Art Galleries}

We are delighted to introduce a new line of paintings at Images That Speak. Here is a beatuful framed bridal portrait of Keli.

Other factor when decorating your home with artwork or paintings is the scale of the item in relation to the room. Wherever you decide to place the art, it needs to fit into the relative scale of the rest of the room or area so it doesn’t distract or get hidden by other smaller  items. For example, when hanging artwork over a couch or other piece of furniture, a good rule is to find a painting or piece of art that is roughly the same size as the piece below it or next to it, creating a sense of balance and harmony. And can also combine smaller pieces to scale or even adding a mural using a Murale Design you can find online. Whether using three-dimensional pieces or hanging art, you can use the “Rule of Three” to fill in space on the wall and give a sense of scale.


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