Donate some Mercy {McKinney, Tx Family Photographer}

After seeing the difference a little caring can  make with the  wonderful help of those who read my blog,  I have looked for other ways to help the children of McKinney.    I found a new one today called Mercy Helps McKinney.  Spearheaded by Marcy Benson and Alisa Groves ( contact info below), this organization is working to help Middle School kids in McKinney have a brighter holiday season with some much needed items that we (read I)  take for granted every day.

I dropped off my donation today at Nan Lee, one of  the local locations accepting donations.   They will be making distributions before Christmas, the next scheduled for December 13th.   If you have been blessed as much this year as I have, I ask that you consider helping kids, who with the current economic climate, could be easily be one of yours or mine.

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