Backpack Week {McKinney, TX Photographer}

Today I heard about a boy in an elementary school who’s backpack was so damaged that it was no longer working. Because of the economics of the family they simply could not purchase a new one. A quick trip to Walmart and $15 took care of this boy’s embarrassing situation.

It got me to wondering how many children in McKinney have a similar story. I want to do something about this and I want you to help. The next 2 weeks will be Backpack Week at my studio. For each backpack donated I will give a free table top print. Spend $15 and get something valued at $75 plus the knowledge you helped someone in need.

If you have had a session this year and want a copy of a pose you previously purchased, we can do that. If you have never been to the studio, I will take a photograph for free (one person per backpack). If you do not need a table top print, I will still gladly accept and donate your backpack.

I will be collecting back packs through Nov 12th. If you donate you will have until December 15th to choose a print from one you have purchased or schedule a time to be photographed.

Backpacks must be new with tags on them. I think solid colors work best so any child can enjoy it. You can get one in the sporting goods section of Walmart for $15 (see below).

Email me if you want to participate. This is a no brainer. As Nike says “Just do it”.

11:00 update: I have 18 backpacks donated. I need 2 more before midnight to get me out of my Ranger’s depression. Want you help me (and a needy child) out?

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