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A Boost of Confidence for Tweens / Teens Wrapped in a High Energy Photo Shoot

A Boost of Confidence Wrapped in a High Energy Photo Shoot

Recently flipped through a childhood album. Baby pictures where I'm cute and cuddly. Big smile and matching belly sitting in a basin. Holding a water hose soaking my new Sunday shoes. Birthday parties and unwrapping Christmas gifts.

But then there was this huge gap.

It was as if I never existed in middle school. Just an album page of school photos with awkward expressions, cowlicks and a rooster tail to document the next 3 to 4 years of my life. What I remember most about middle school is not being a member of the of the cool kids group. Plus I was constantly growing taller so my pants were never long enough. Always good for a joke at my expense.

Can you imagine what an amazing image
could have done for you when you were that age?

Those middle years can be tough. Tweens don't feel like a kid but are not yet considered a teenager. Peer meanness is unchecked in social media.  Add in hormones, body changes, acne and braces, then remember that their self-esteem is being built or broken at the same time.

Can you imagine what an amazing image could have done for you when you were that age?

Make a difference for your tween.

Replace those awkward school photos with ones where they look like a model.  What kind of impact will it make on their self-esteem if they no longer see too fat, too skinny, too many freckles, hair that is too short or curly; but only see themselves as beautiful or handsome?

Whether your child is outgoing or shy, into sports or fashion, the session is catered toward them.

Braces.  What Braces?

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