Preteen Photo Shoot in Warehouse District | McKinney / Dallas Teen Photography

Oh I’m glad Carson’s mom booked his tween photo shoot with me.   You see, Carson and I have something in common.  We believe there are only so many perfect smiles in this world and we only choose to use
ours when they will make a huge difference.  Like asking a girl out for first dance.  Or asking to borrow the keys after you get your learners permit – plus some gas money – and some money for a Sonic Happy Hour Cherry Coke.

So with that in mind, I only asked Carson to bring out his subtle smile a few times and mom bought in so it was a success for all of us.

Mom chose this subtle smile as his wall portrait to match the one we created for his sister, Caroline’s tween photo  when she modeled for the NB.Tween Photo Project.

dallas tween photos


The session started with the Camarie photography in the McKinney Flour Mill and also photographed outside around the mill grounds which gives unique textures in an outdoor setting.

outdoor preteen photos

We also drove the the McKinney Warehouse district as out last stop.  I love to photograph here so that the Carson, the textures of very old brick and rusted trashcan are featured and everything else is blurry.  It really brings your eye to what is important in the image.

teen photography

Carson came across as a really grounded guy, but you never know what middle schoolers are facing.  It can be a turbulent time in their lives with body changes, braces, peer meanness and social media bullying.  I am a firm believer that having an amazing portrait look beautiful / handsome as opposed to the awkward school photos can play a great role in helping parents ensure their tween has unshakable self confidence when they hit high school.  And who wouldn’t want that for their son or daughter?


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