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It all started with a first school dance photo on Facebook.  Zoe (what a cool name) had this very stylish outfit comprised of a flannel shirt with paint splatters and a long pink tutu skirt.  Mark my words, one day she will be a trendsetter, probably known by her first name like Gaga or Pink.

The very stylist hair cut she has just adds to her sense of fashion!

Zoe (or Z as her mom calls her) has an eye for the camera. I am already looking forward to doing her senior portraits one day.  Here is her casual look with a soft smile.  Her outfit looked perfect with my McKinney Flour Mill studio brick background.


In this black and white image, you can see some of our visualization posing. I didn’t tell Z to grab your collar, mess up your hair a little, and look serious. I told her to think about what an edgy photo would look like and this is what we came up with. Amazing, huh?



Finally, what I could consider the signature image from Zoe’s session.  Personality, style, connection with the camera.  I place her in the right side of the frame to add some interest to the photo and match her pose.



I always invite my tweens to bring a friend to their session and promise a group photo of them together, just hanging out.  Zoe brought her friend Sage.  Here was her fav photo of them together.


tween photo shoot with friends

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