Caroline’s Photo Shoot | Dallas Pre-teen Photos

When I first met Caroline for her Pre-teen (tween) photo session she was very polite and reserved.  But start her portrait session and she came to life.

McKinney Tween Photography

She brought her saxophone with her (you have to know she is serious about sax with it being in her Instagram name) so we created an edgy black and white photo to show that band kids are cool!

dallas edgy tween photo

My favorite image from the day was a portrait I took of her in natural light. The moment I met her, I knew I would be doing that.  Check out those amazing green eyes!

McKinney Fashion Tween Picture

Like many in middle school, Caroline is wearing braces to have those perfect teeth when she hits high school.  While green braces can be fun, they are not fun all the time so for the portrait below I removed the braces.  Now you see them, now you dont!

dallas tween photos

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