Take Better Photos Class

Professional photographers capture the important milestones in people’s lives.

But in between those are thousands of actual real life moments.

You invested in a DSLR Camera to be able to capture those real life moments.   Now learn how to use it to create better photos.

Do you have questions like:

Why are my action photos out of focus?
How can I make those nice blurry backgrounds?
What is the difference between all the camera settings like P, AV, S and M?
Why are all my pictures in the gym too dark?
I have heard photographers say they shoot RAW?  Should I be doing that?

If so, this class is for you!

This class will be limited to 10 people to insure each participant learns how to use their camera.

This January date makes a great holiday gift!

Book Now for Early Bird Pricing!

$125  $99

Saturday, January 20th  8:30 – noon
McKinney Flour Mill