Professional Headshots at the Studio {Mckinney Business Headshots}

I do not post headshot sessions very often, but wanted to share a little about 3 sessions from this week.

head shot photography

Annie and her husband visited the studio today. Annie, a candidate for the upcoming Stonebridge Ranch Board of Directors election, came in for a an updated professional headshot booth. Kelly was there to lend support.

Kelly’s career was spent at Eastman Kodak so I had to ask him lots of questions about his job and the photography industry before I became involved.

Annie sent me a very nice note after her session which I wanted to share because it lets me know I am creating Images that Speak to people which has been my goal from the beginning.

Hi David,
Thanks SO much for your time and talent today! You made what is typically VERY painful for me, an absolutely enjoyable experience.
Thanks, too, for the super quick turnaround.

Kelly and I will be back in touch one day soon for a session with both of us. Other than our wedding pics of many years ago, we have no decent photos and when I read the article in your magazine about the enchanting “senior photo”, it really struck a chord. No more waiting!

Again, my sincere thanks.

Mckinney head shot photographer

I was delighted to see Meg again. It had been a few years since she brought her son and daughter to the studio for a family portrait. I had also created a professional headshot for her to use with her interior design company.

Since that time, Meg has moved in a new direction, creating sets for movies. How exciting!

I was thinking it would be fun to visit her at work one day, but her next assignment is designing sets for a western which is being shot in New Mexico. Maybe I will get a chance when she works on the next set around Dallas.

business headshot

Allison is a certified financial planner with one of the major financial services companies in the DFW area. She called me saying she had gotten a headshot brochure a year ago and it was time to update her professional profile.

Very glad she hung onto it!

Since I spent the last years of my “day job” working at Lehman Brothers before it vanished overnight, I enjoyed hearing about her career as a financial planner and a mini “State of  the Industry” (much more exiting the the  State of the Union on TV tonight).

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