Multi-general Family Portraits for Jennifer’s Parents

Jennifer contacted me about having a multi-general family portrait made for her mom and dad made while everyone was in town for her daughter’s senior graduation.  I always look forward to these sessions because I realize how important a heirloom portrait like this will be enjoyed by everyone now and play a role in telling the story of this family to the children and grandchildren of the kiddos in this photograph.

Jennifer and I had a consultation before where we decided to choose casual clothing, combing warm colors (tan and blue) with basic black.  This allows us to create a relaxed casual family portrait session where each person’s face and personalty is enjoyed more than the outfits each person is wearing.

When photographing a large group like this, I like to use neutral colored backgrounds which will  not conflict with different outfits, and more importantly will look amazing on any family wall, regardless of the interior design.  

With large photo sessions like this, we always get pictures of the entire group, plus break outs of each family, the children and the ladies.  Sometimes we get the men, too, but I wouldn’t bet my next paycheck on it happening every time. I usually promise the men a quick, painless photo session in exchange for the closest thing to a smile they can muster!

Some of the family photos:

mckinney-generational-family-photomckinney-family-photos 1mckinney-family-picture



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