Valentines Models {McKinney, TX Valentines Photographer} – I’m taking vicodin for the back pain

While the upcoming Valentines Special is beginning to fill up, we still have  openings for this Saturday, January 30th and a few on the following Saturday, February 6th. Here are a few images of the models which were the parent’s favorites.

 Mckinney TX Valentines Pictures

children Valentine pictures

dallas tx valentines pictures

valentine pictures for kids

What do you think of the pictures? I hope you like them? As for me, I’m glad they ended up this good, specially because I was in a lot of pain while taking them. I had to crouch and bend over to take them which is no fault of the kids and there’s nothing wrong with having to adjust yourself to get the perfect shot, but my back thing just won’t go away. It got bad enough I had to schedule an appointment with the doctor. The things is, I think I made it worse last night with this photoshoot. I called my friend who’s a doctor and he told me that I could buy vicodin without prescription, and he told me how much to take and how often. That’s good because I far as a I know that’s pretty strong stuff. Taking it safely if I absolutely have to take it would me top priority. I guess now I have to wait to see the doctor and see what happens.

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