Isabella’s Locks of Love {McKinney Children’s Photography}

I had the pleasure of meeting Isabella this week when she was donating her hair to Locks of Love.   David Quisenberry Photography teams with That Elegant Touch to provide a professional cut and style as well as before and after pictures for those who donate their pony tales to other children who have long term hair loss to medical conditions.

When Isabella came in for her “after” portrait I asked if she had decided whether she would donate again in the future.  She surprised me by saying this was her second time to donate;  her first 4 years ago when she was four years old…. And yes, she said she was starting again today to grow her hair to donate again.

If you know of someone donating to Locks of Love, please have them get in touch with our studio  (214.578.5158) or That Elegant Touch (972.542.2300) so we can thank them with a service and a gift.

"Locks of Love Children's pictures"

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