Confirmation Portraits {McKinney, TX Children’s Photographer}

Family portraits are not just for here and now, they are for the here and hereafter. They tell the story of our family from one generation to the next. How many of us have childhood photos of our grandparents? It is up to us to make sure our grandchildren (and great grandchildren) have memories to understand the history of their family.

I know Cathy understands the importance which is why she and Paige come in to capture this special time in their lives with Confirmation Portraits. Paige is a beautiful and very well mannered girl (just like her older siblings according to Mrs. Q who has had all 3 in her first grade class). I’m sure these portraits will be treasured by parents and grandparents alike.

McKinney, TX Confirmation PicturesMcKinney, TX Children's PortraitsMcKinney, TX Children's Pictures

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