Children’s Portraits

Children’s Portrait Club
3 mini sessions per year
No packages, buy what you want
$100 per year
Call the studio at 214.578.5158 for details

Preserving Memories

Close your eyes and think back to when you were two…
Can you remember the frilly dress that you wanted to wear 4 days in a row?
What color was it?

If you can remember these things, chances are it is because someone took the time to capture that memory in a photograph.

The benefit of capturing portraits of our children are clear:

(1) You will prevent the regrets that so many have when they realize the important growing up years of their family have quietly slipped by with no portraits to reflect the family history.

(2) You will be providing a legacy for your children and their children’s children as each new generation finds themselves in the faces of generations past.

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