Lisa contacted the studio to schedule e a multi-generational family session when everyone was in for the holidays.  One advantage of having a large studio is being able to create beautiful portraits of extended familys.

We always capture the main group and then “breakouts” which consist of multi-generations, mom and dad with kids and with each other, and the chidren which in this case was three brothers.

Do you have a portrait of all of your family to share with future generations?

extended family portrait
multi-generation photo
portrait of grandparents

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Many times, when we having a consultation for a portrait, I will ask if it is a special occasion, or simply time to update the images they display in their home.

When I ask Diane, she said “I wanted to create a portrait with my husband to show him how much I love and respect him”.

All I can say is WOW.  Definitely one of the most special portraits I have had the pleasure to create in a long time.

family portrait of husband and wife



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Suzanne and Alexa planned a fun outing which included a mother and daughter portrait session then lunch on the McKinney Square!

I love the casual portraits we created using the 100 year old brick walls and wooden floor as a backdrop.  One of the unique things I have to offer from the McKinney Flour Mill.

When is the last time you and your children had a portrait created for you to enjoy now and treasure when they are grown and leave the nest?

casual mom and daughter photo casual mother / daughter photo

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Jennifer definitely has a VIP status at my studio.  Over the years she has brought in all four of her daughters for senior portraits.  We have also created family portraits every few years.  This year Jennifer decided to do something dressy and fashionable.

I LOVE, LOVE the family portrait we created that hangs above their fire place.

We planned the clothing, from the matching burgandy dresses down to the tuxedo vests and ties for the guys.

I was so pleased when everything came together include the little guy giving me one cute little smile.  Turns out it was all we needed to capture the perfect family portrait!

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dressy family portrait

dressy children

dressy portrait of sisters

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